The Alliance Française is a language and cultural relations organisation. Its principal objectives are promoting and teaching the French language around the world.

Alliance Française d’Eldoret, has developed into a global network of Alliance Française institutions operating in 135 countries around the world, with the common aim of fostering friendship between peoples, through the promotion of the French language, cultural diversity and artistic exchanges.

Zion Mall / Uganda Road
P.o Box 4884 – 30100 Eldoret
Tel.: +254 53 20 30 424 / 0715 097 344

Wangari Maathai Auditorium

A 209 seat auditorium.
2 dressing rooms and stage measuring 10m wide and 6m deep.
A/V and equipment: main screen 5 x 4.8m, surround sound system, theatrical lighting, podium and Pleyel grand piano.
A perfect venue film screenings, conferences, discussions, and theatre, dance and music performances.

Garden Stage

Garden stage measuring 9.6 x 4.8m and adjustable height of between 0.8 to 1.3m. 2 dressing rooms behind the stage. Sound/light equipment and trussing are not included and need to be outsourced.
Can accommodate up to 250 people seated. Adjacent terrace, restaurant facilities and cash bar. A unique performance space in the central business district.  

Exhibition Space

The Alliance Française hosts on average between 15 to 18 exhibitions a year across its ground floor and first floor galleries. The spaces are versatile and suitable for visual art and thematic exhibitions as well as installations. The ground floor has 30m of wall space available. The first floor offers 18m of wall space adjacent to the library and the registration offices. The galleries are equipped with track lighting. 20 pedestals of varying heights available for displaying sculptures.

Recording studio

A well-equipped and sound proofed studio, with a recording booth, is available for translation and post production of institutional content (both audio and video) including dubbing, subtitling and voice-overs, as well as individual projects and music demos.

Multipurpose Room

A multipurpose space with a balcony for meetings, presentations, theatre and dance rehearsals, small receptions…

Can accommodate 50-60 persons in theatre style seating.

Rehearsal Studio

A rehearsal space for musicians equipped with a drum kit, bass and lead guitars, keyboard, congas and amplifier/speakers/mikes.