Harmonization of learning hours and tuition fees

Following the onset of Covid-19 related closure of learning institutions and the resultant restrictions in movement, the Alliance Française adopted a 100% online class mode for which we developed a specific learning model to ensure minimal disruption to your French classes. We also revised the lesson costs to support continuity as we adapted to living with Covid-19.

As some ‘normalcy’ returns to our everyday life, we have assessed the effectiveness of our classes over the last 8 months as well as areas for improvement. In preparation for the full re-opening of our in-person classes in January 2021 alongside the online ones, we are harmonizing the conditions and the standards of both our online and in-person classes.

This harmonization process will allow us to ensure that all our students, for both the online and in-person classes, benefit from the same standards and learning protocols, allowing them to easily switch between online and in-person classes should they so wish.

The revisions include:

Online and in-person classes will now run for the full duration and same number of hours with no obligation on the students to complete part of the curriculum on their own, as has been the case with online classes which have been shorter with the students expected to complete their lessons independently on the Apolearn platform.

The total number of learning hours covered per session, for both online and in-person, will be 30 hours per intensive session, and 27 hours per extensive session.

The minimum number of students per class will be 8 students.

The tuition fees payable per session or for the entire level will now be harmonized for both online and in-person classes.

The annual registration fees of KShs. 2,300/- will also be reinstated in 2021.

Kindly see the table below for a graphic presentation of the revisions.