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Gleeful L. Nyokabi Book – Beautiful Relationships

Book Synopsis
When do you really know it’s time to end a relationship. Not all relationships can or should be ended. But when you have to – end the relationship well.
You may not be with someone but you still love them and you are okay without them. You may miss someone so much but you are happy for them even without you. You may have to let go of someone you love so much, because you know they are happy without you.

How we relate determines the level of abundance and pleasure that we experience in this life. This book is meant to help you achieve and experience an interesting, more purposeful life and wonderful relationships. Know how and when to end bad relationships and keep good ones.
What makes the author extraordinary is her compassion, modesty, and sensitivity…She serves as a splendid example to the young and young at heart. The author is actively involved in studying and helping different kinds of people understand, cultivate, and experience wonderful relationships.

Today, she is one of the most celebrated upcoming authors. She inspires her readers with fascinating, dramatic, and intimate stories that relate to real life. She shares lots of wisdom on how to relate with and overcome seemingly impossible odds. Her experience and expressions in a humorous yet very practical flow to her audience and listeners.

  • Date : October 7, 2023
  • Time : 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm (Africa/Nairobi)

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