Alliance Française

Sibiloi – The Genesis of Humanity?

“ONE Mysterious Belt” – An ancient relic in a London antique shop unveils a hidden path to the enigmatic caves of the Amalek tribe in Sibiloi, Northern Kenya.

Series of Short Stories Reading Session

The Multimedia Library of the Alliance Française de Nairobi is pleased to host a series of short stories reading session presented by 4 brilliant young youths.

Wana wa Magere – Avandu Studios

Our title Wana wa Magere is an exciting story that follows the descendants of Luanda Magere who have extraordinary powers that allow them to fight off evil. You are more than welcome to our book launch where we will be talking all about our story and how it plays a part in our culture.


Rolly Anderson MWENZE est directeur éditorial de la maison d’édition : Ram Editions.

Levi Kones – There is no Useless Experience

This book is a continuation of the initial 20 lessons from the first “There Is NO Useless Experience” series.

Walking with Gorillas – Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka

In her enchanting memoir, Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka, Uganda’s first wildlife veterinarian, tells the remarkable story from her animal-loving childhood to her career protecting endangered mountain gorillas and other wild animals.

Triplet Tales – Jason, Jeremy, and Julie

Dive into a world of creativity with three captivating stories! From turning classroom lessons into a business idea to thrilling family vacations and adventurous forest safaris, these tales are sure to inspire young readers.

Ryan Kiamba – The Surprise Puppies

Join Ryan and his friends on a heartwarming journey when they stumble upon a litter of puppies.

Liam Kiamba – Silver Shadow Saves the Town

Get ready for an epic adventure in Rotwill Town as a brave young boy, Silver Shadow, takes on a gang of fearless thieves led by Retro Wave.

Gleeful L. Nyokabi Book – Beautiful Relationships

When do you really know it’s time to end a relationship. Not all relationships can or should be ended. But when you have to – end the relationship well.