Alliance Française

Serenades of en-Nile, a musical tribute.

A vibrant celebration of diverse musical expressions fostering cross-cultural connections along the Nile from Kenya to Sudan.  Showcasing the rich and varied music of Sudan from traditional to contemporary, encompassing […]

Cartwheels of Estrangement – Navigating Sudan’s Unanchored Narratives.

With the ongoing conflict in Sudan which has resulted in the displacement of over 3 million people, these people have lost their anchors. The exhibition is an invitation to comprehend […]

The Salon

“THE SALON” unfolds the narrative of an extraordinary beauty salon nestled in Khartoum, Sudan. But beneath its polished exterior lies a hidden secret—it serves as an underground haven for women […]

Cyrano, My Love

In northern Niger, the village of Tatiste, a victim of global warming, is fighting for access to water…

Hours of Ours

A young Sudanese family flees their country and arrives in Bangkok to seek asylum. They meet a young Thai filmmaker who has just returned home after a decade abroad. Despite […]

An Ode to a Carbon Life

Evans Ngure and Wallace Juma come together in an exhibition to contemplate on how best humans can co-exist with carbon…

Sudan in Focus

‘Sudan in Focus’ brings together Sudanese artists from diverse backgrounds and experiences of displacement in a series of activities…